There are just 14 casinos in The Netherlands and they are the only places it is legal to play poker in all of Holland. Online gambling does exist, but poker is not offered by any of the Dutch overseers of said gambling websites, meaning those wishing to play the game online need to seek greener pastures.

Where to go for Online Poker in The Netherlands

There are currently eight online poker sites that accept customers from the Netherlands.

If online sites are caught allowing Dutch players access, they can be banned from Dutch IP addresses or fined. In 2013, the site Global Stars was fined €100.000 for staking seats to residents of The Netherlands. Despite that record-setting fine, the following websites allow access to Dutch players.

Do I need a VPN to access poker sites when traveling to The Netherlands?

In some cases, the need stops there, as the government is only blocking the website and not the app, meaning once the app is installed on your phone, you can fire it up without any restrictions. However, considering what playing online poker is and what’s involved – i.e. your finances – it’s probably smart to use a VPN all the time whether you’re browsing poker site reviews, attempting to download a site app, or actually playing the game. Security is always a concern when you’re on the Internet, and when you add to that the idea that you’re accessing a site that has full knowledge of some of your financial information, the desire to protect yourself should be obvious.

What VPN should I use when playing poker online?

Like snowflakes, no VPNs are alike. However, given the nature of what online poker is, the two most important characteristics you should look for are speed and security.

The security component, as mentioned above, will keep any unwanted third parties from spying on your traffic. Given that online poker is a real-time game that often requires quick decisions, speed is integral to giving you the best shot to emerge victorious.


PrivateVPN is a great regional choice for VPN usage since it’s based in Sweden. Its security in above or on-par with any VPN out there thanks to several features that ensure your connection stays secure end to end. These include:

A strict no-logs policy to cover your tracks 2048-bit encryption, equal to what is used by the US military An automatic kill switch – to ensure your anonymity Built-in leak protection – No data left behind.

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ExpressVPN is the reigning speed champ of the industry with blazing speeds from all over the globe. Literally all over, as ExpressVPN offers servers in 94 countries – nearly half of the nations in the world. Its security is almost as impressive as its speed. ExpressVPN offers DNS and IP leak protection, a no-logs policy, and its own version of a kill switch called the Network Lock. Try Now Risk Free

Other forms of poker in The Netherlands

Rather ironically, in-person poker is quite popular for the Dutch. The Master Classics of Poker tournament is held yearly at the Amsterdam Casino and has been a staple since 1992. In 2018, The Netherlands’ own Alberto Stegeman was the overall champion, hauling in €240.183 in the final round of play.