However, no matter where you currently reside, there’s one surefire way to be able to watch anything on Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Sport anytime you want to. The solution is known as a virtual private network (VPN), and it’s low-cost, low-risk, and always on.

What does a VPN do?

This keeps illicit third parties like hackers and cybercriminals from swiping your personal information, but it also keeps government watchdogs and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from being able to track your movements. For purposes like watching Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Sport when you’re not in their coverage zone, you can use the VPN to connect your computer to a remote server that is located in Saudi Arabia. You can then request to visit the Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Sport websites and start downloading information. At the other end of the connection, the remote server will download your requests and decrypt them. It will then assign an IP address that corresponds with Saudi Arabia to your requests before sending them onto the website. The site will register the correct IP address and unblock your requests. You can start streaming anything you like at this point. The data packets will download to the remote server, which will in turn encrypt the to send them on to the user computer. There, they will be decrypted and viewable by the end-user no matter you are in the world, be it Iceland, italy, Ireland, or Istanbul.

How to use a VPN step-by-step to watch Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Sport

What are the Best VPNs Available for Watching Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera Sport?

1Trust.Zone VPN

Extra bonuses allow you to register three devices per license and there is a 10-day money-back guarantee. Another nice feature is that unlimited bandwidth for downloads is a standard feature. Start Watching Now

2CyberGhost VPN

It has a kill switch and does not keep logs, and its money-back guaranteed window is a robust 45 days. Try Now Risk Free


Its security includes AES 25-bit encryptions and Double VPN tunneling, along with a kill switch and IP Leak Protection. Start Watching Now