Tennis is one of the most popular sports to watch in The Netherlands as well and there’s no better way to watch it than with a subscription to NOS, the multimedia company that features a robust sports package of Football, Formula 1, Cycling, and Tennis.

Living abroad can be tough when you’re away from home, family, and all of the customs, culture, and cuisine you hold dear. Unfortunately, like most streaming services, NOS is dedicated to protecting its home turf, which means no access outside of The Netherlands.

The VPN Solution

Fortunately, there’s a great hack that can be used to access NOS streaming services no matter what country you’re currently calling home. It’s called a virtual private network (VPN) and it is one one of the most innovative technologies to come out of the digital era. How does it work and what does it mean for Dutch tennis fans?

So let’s sat you’re a resident of The Netherlands currently working in Los Angeles in the television industry. There’s plenty of sports to be had on your American TV set, but the combination of golf, cycling, tennis, soccer, and Formula One racing that you desire is not there. You try to log on to NOS with your home account information, but when it sees you aren’t physically located in the Netherlands, it geoblocks you. So you decide on a VPN. With a little research – more on that alter-  you find one with a large number of server choices in The Netherlands and top speeds available. You invest in a 30-day free trial to check things out and download the client app. You open the new app and click to make s connection, choosing from one of several Netherlands’ based servers. When you find one that suits you, you enable the connection, start a new browser, and type into your address bar. When you click enter, the connection is not to the Internet, but rather to the remote server located in The Netherlands. That computer will encrypt the request you just sent wanting access to NOS and enact it, attaching a Netherlands’ based IP address to your request. It will then send it on to NOS, which will see the request as a valid one coming from inside The Netherlands. It will accept your user ID information without a glitch or even let you to sign up for new service assuming you have  a Dutch address. Any requests you make for streaming or to download information or browse additional pages will backtrack the process through the remote server. Once the information reaches it, it will be automatically encrypted and sent back your way to download and watch. For streaming live content, you’ll need a VPN that can handle high speeds with a lot of available servers and quality security.


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